Dave Ulrich, The HR Value Proposition

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The leading thinker in the field of human resources—and author of the bestselling HR Champions—outlines a blueprint that will make HR professionals true strategic partners in their firms.

Dave Ulrich’s HR Champions defined the agenda for HR professionals in the 1990s. That book has gone on to become one of the Press’ strongest sellers, with nearly 120,000 copies sold to date. This book lays out a new agenda for HR in the 21st century, revealing how HR pros can transform themselves into corporate strategists who create value not just for employees and managers—but for investors and customers as well.

HR’s leading thinkers provide a blueprint for the future. The international bestseller Human Resource Champions helped set the HR agenda for the 1990s and enabled HR professionals to become strategic partners in their organizations. But earning a seat at the executive table was only the beginning. Today’s HR leaders must also bring substantial value to that table.

Drawing on their sixteen-year study of over 29,000 HR professionals and line managers, leading HR experts Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank propose The HR Value Proposition. The authors argue that HR value creation requires a deep understanding of external business realities and how value is defined by key stakeholders both inside and outside the company.

They provide practical tools and worksheets for leveraging this knowledge to create HR practices, build organisational capabilities, design HR strategy, and marshal resources that create value for customers, investors, executives, and employees. Written by the field’s premier trailblazers, this book charts the path HR professionals must take to help lead their organizations into the future.


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