Stephen Davis, Rolling Stones Old Gods Almost Dead

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Wydawnictwo: Aurum Press
Rok wydania: 2006
Liczba stron: 596
Okładka: miękka
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Old Gods Almost Dead: The 40-year Odyssey of the 'Rolling Stones'

In 2006, the Stones are in the middle of their latest world tour, and reach the UK in the summer with sell-out shows at giant arenas like Wembley Stadium. To tie in, Aurum reissues, with a stunning new cover, Stephen Davis's definitive 500-page history of the band: the most readable and comprehensive chronicle in print. Davis has also brought it up to date with details of their new album, Charlie Watts' illness and the American leg of the tour in 2005. Davis himself is the author of a number of consistently bestselling rock book classics - especially his Led Zeppelin chronicle, "Hammer of the Gods", but also his book on Aerosmith, "Walk this Way". In "Old Gods", he has synthesised everything written, broadcast or revealed about the Stones into a single compulsively readable narrative: it is more comprehensive than Philip Norman's book, and just as raunchy as Robert Greenfield's. For anyone with an interest in any period of the Stones' history, from the 60s to the 21st century, this is the only book.

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