Martina Padberg, Paris Art& Architecture

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Wydawnictwo: Ullmann
Rok wydania: 2007
Liczba stron: 479
Okładka: twarda z obwolutą
Stan: bardzo dobry



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This comprehensive guide covers all major places of interest, with numerous essays on history and culture. With town plans and over 600 illustrations. Paris is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe - a Mecca for artists, a centre for intellectuals and academics, and a stage for the flaneur. This volume acts as a companion to the metropolis on the Seine through its eventful history and the buzz of the present day, from the Lutetia of antiquity through the era of the great kings and revolutions to the 21st century with its stunning architectural projects. There are plenty of digressions along the way, providing insights into the city's historical turning points, telling the stories of its most famous residents and illuminating the background to the "City of Light".

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