Neil Simpson, Billie Piper The biography

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Wydawnictwo: John Blake
Rok wydania: 2006
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Książka w języku angielskim.

A massive star was reborn when Billie Piper took on the role of Rose Tyler in the BBC's smash revival of "Doctor Who" in 2005. The 22-year-old was applauded as one of Britain's brightest and most popular actresses - collecting award-nominations and multi-million pound contracts along the way. Amazingly, this is the second time Billie has dominated her chosen profession. In 1998, she was the youngest solo artist to have a Number One single in Britain with "Because We Want To". She followed that up with two more Number One singles, a platinum-selling album, and as 'Britain's Britney' she was on the brink of conquering America. But Billie Piper has always been full of surprises. At the height of her pop fame she shocked fans by marrying former DJ Chris Evans and enjoying one of the longest - and allegedly booziest - celebrity honeymoons on record. In this, the first biography of the star, Neil Simpson explains why Billie turned her back on pop fame, how stalkers and false rumours nearly destroyed her and why her marriage to Chris ultimately unravelled. He examines how Billie reinvented herself as a newly single woman and one of Britain's hardest-working actresses. She wowed the critics in television adaptations of Chaucer and Shakespeare before winning the "Doctor Who" job and today, with Hollywood calling and a new man in her life, she has never been happier. This is her amazing, inspiring story.

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