W. J. Rose, Poland

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Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
Rok wydania: 1939
Liczba stron: 244
Okładka: miękka
Stan: dobry + (nieznaczny ubytek grzbietu)



Ksiażka w języku angielskim

This was published in the 'Penguin Specials' series, which was a series designed to help readers keep abreast of current events. The author, W. J. Rose, joins other noteworthy authors in this series (such as Norman Angell, Louis Golding, Edgar Mowrer, F. Elwyn Jones, and others) with this book on Poland, written with WWII just over the horizon.

Here is a note made by the author describing what he's included in the book:
"If you are interested only in the Poland of to-day, you should begin with chapter XIV. Those who care only about the Poland of 1939, should begin with chapter IX. If you want to know what has happened since 1918, then begin with chapter V. Chapter IV will tell you how the Poland of to-day came into being. Those who want to know were it came from will want to begin with chapter I."

A very accessible book that provides a broad sense of Polish cultural and historical development. The maps are helpful -- and interesting, as they reflect the Poland of 1939, just before grand events took place which were to forever change both Poland, its culture, and the sensibilities of its people.

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